Machine soldering of THT elements (Wave soldering)

The advantage of wave soldering is it speed as well as quality. If certain wave soldering is taken into account already in the development, then this step can be done much faster later during the soldering process itself. Wave soldering is just one branch of THT soldering (classic components). There is also selective soldering, and you can read more about it on our site in the Selective soldering section. Before starting the soldering procedure, it is necessary to prepare all components (twisting, shortening of wire legs, etc.), clog all holes that cannot be soldered. All products manufactured by our company comply with the RoHS Directive.


We offer you complete purchasing of material, making and assembly of printed circuit boards!

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    • Preparation of radial THT components on tape;
    • Preparation of axial THT components on tape;
    • Preparation of bulk THT components;
    • Bending of classic THT components with respect to raster (vertical or horizontal);
    • Assembly of classic THT elements;
    • Wave soldering of THT elements;
    • Testing of final products;
    • Etc.