The assembly of SMD components is a process in which the surface components (SMD) are mounted onto printed circuit boards. The equipment can be unilateral as well as bilateral. Placement on the bottom side can be done on adhesive or a classic soldering process is applied to the soldering paste. Our company offers you the assembly of prototype printed circuit boards as well as the assembly of larger batches. We equip printed circuit boards with SMD elements on two complete automated lines. We use top quality machines. We have the possibility of soldering SMD elements both in Reflow soldering furnace as well as in the condensation chamber (Vapour Phase). The method in the condensation chamber is especially useful for soldering of more demanding types of printed circuit boards, as there is no overheating of components. Soldering temperature does not exceed 230 degrees Celsius.

  • We offer you complete purchasing of material, making and assembly of printed circuit boards!


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