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The PR12/T-55 measurement interface is intended for quick checking of the voltages and currents on the connector of the AMT_STP2 (AB-T54B) amplifier in the gun stabilizer of the T5* serier main battle tanks. It fits mechanically directly on the amplifier connector. It can measure the input and output voltages of the amplifier, and the supply voltages, currents and frequency.

It is powered by a built-in rechargeable 9V 120mAh NiCd battery.

PR-12 is shipped with a suitable battery charger, with a 230VAC power plug. The 14V/AC output includes a connecting cable with the required DC connector that fits PR-12.

The PR-12 can measure 15 different electrical quantities in the STP-2 stabilizer, which are accessible on the amplifier connector.

In most measurements, the readout is calibrated in % of the nominal value, so that "100.0" on the display corresponds to the nominal value of the measured quantity.