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Company presentation

The beginnings of our entrepreneurship date back to the early 1990s, when Rudi Velkavrh began his work with antenna techniques. Through the years of operation, we continuously upgraded and improved our production program (development of various electronic devices, design and production of printed circuit boards, etc.), we are especially proud to use comprehensive SMD lines since 1998, which we are constantly upgrading. They enable us to fully and quality equip complicated printed circuit boards of all shapes and sizes, which by then we were not able to properly implement. Because of the increasing demand and tax burden, Rudi decided that year to establish a limited liability company called VR-ELEKTRONIKA, d.o.o.

As an independent contractor, my father initially arranged business premises in our house, which consisted of only a few m2. The volume of sales and transactions increased rapidly, so the original business premises became too small to achieve our future goals and meet the growing demand on the market. For this reason, we moved to the existing location in the industrial zone in Vrhnika in 1995, where we still operate today. Business premises are our own property, over 400 m2 of premises (workshop, warehouse, offices, and development department) enable us to do business and ensure smooth development of the company.

Considering that from the very beginning we are dealing with antenna technique and its related accessories, our range of products contains a complete program of accessories for connecting audio and video devices. In stock, we have all types of connectors, antenna amplifiers, channel antenna amplifiers, switches, filters, converters, antennas for receiving earth and satellite channels, etc. We offer our clients development and production of electromechanical (semi)products according to their wishes and requirements. We design, manufacture and equip printed circuit boards (both with SMD as well as with classic THT elements), we also produce an important antenna part called the rotary joint. In addition, we are engaged in the development of various electronic devices. With many years of experience, our own development and, of course, our line of quality products, we managed to gain valuable trust of many renowned customers who gladly come back to us for selected products.

The industry in which the company operates is promising. There is a lot of work and enough for everyone. The only weakness is that the market lacks skilled and trained personnel who have enough knowledge to work with modern machines. The direction of the company has been and will continue to be meeting the requirements and expectations of our customers, so they are pleased with our products and will gladly return with new orders in accordance with their needs. In carrying out our activities we are professional and flexible regarding our customer`s orders. The basic objectives of our business are quality offer of various products, which we continuously develop, high innovation, a comprehensive offer, competitive prices, a fast response time and high flexibility to customers` requests with adequate cost management.