AMT - STP2 (T55)

AMT - STP2 (T55)

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AMT - STP2 (T55)


The AMT-STP2 amplifier is a direct replacement for the original tube based servo amplifier used in the stabilizer systems of the T5* series main battle tanks.

The AMT-STP2 amplifier is 100% mechanically and electrically compatible with the original amplifier, and can be used as a drop-in replacement.

The AMT-STP2 amplifier has the following advantages over the original amplifier:

  1. Betterlifetime stability -no re-adjustment because of agingtubes

  2. Lessmaintenance required

  3. Betterthermal stability (less change of parameters duringwarm-up)

  4. Betterstability of the amplification

  5. Bettercalibration sensitivity of the azimuth and elevation potentiometers

  6. better mechanical stability

1.1.7    Lower power consumption (no tube heaters) means cooler operation